Whipping is a great old world technique. Whipping is when the cracked part is tied shut with twine. One advantage of whipping is that it can be re-applied if necessary although I've never had to re-do a whipping repair. Whipping can also be applied under ferrules. Stress fractures under stock ferrules is a common repair.

  The crack is sealed and whipping applied under ferrules and inbetween combs.

 Whipping can be on the surface, in which case you see the twine, or it can be made invisible. This picture shows a part that will be invisibly whipped.



  With invisible whipping the wood is built back up and re-combed to match original.

 Invisible whipping is a great way to save original part and keep set aesthetically consistent with itself. Perhaps most important, invisible whipping also retains a higher value for set.

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