As contradictory as it may sound, one of the highest priorities when restoring a set of pipes is to touch them as little as possible. This ensures the essence of the original maker's design remains intact. Restorations typically consist of:

- Having old finish carefully removed and a new 'vintage' finish applied that compliments the era of pipe being restored.

- Having silver and other metal ferrules, caps, slides etc, cleaned. If ivory is present it will be cleaned but the patina will not be removed.

- Bores corrected and/or polished.

- Bushings reset and re-sealed.


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Static and dynamic restorations

When considering a restoration to your pipes, keep in mind that bagpipes are not a static thing like a piece of furniture. A person can dramatically reduce the value of a piece of furniture by having it refinished but organic (re:wood) breath instruments, like bagpipes, are dynamic machines that benifit from being refinished and will retain value.