Hello, I am Thomas Doucet of Thomas Pipe Works.

In this business of bagpipes, 'what's in a name' has some significance and offers reassurance. Over a number of years, until the time of his death, I had the absolute privilege of apprenticing under Jack Dunbar. Through Jack I learned the traditional, old world ways of bagpipe turning, repairing, 'seeing' different makes of pipes and their maker's signatures, as well as making my own hand tools.

In 1934 Jack started working for Peter Henderson LTD. Jack apprenticed under Williamson at Henderson's. I have a pipe chanter, pictured above, made by Williamson that Jack gave me, that Williamson gave him. Williamson's tenure at Henderson's is as far back as I can trace my pedigree.

I graduated from the prestigious music program at Mohawk College in Hamilton Ontario with my diploma in music. My main instruments are mandolin and guitar.

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